Cory Worrell, Isabelle Ward and Ali Wink
Cory Worrell, Isabelle Ward, Ali Wink and Business Education Instructor Mrs. Paul all attended Rotary on Jan. 7.  They gave a program on the Supervised Marketing Experience program they are in this year.  During the day they attend class until 7th hour and then each student goes to work at a job in the community.  This allows each student to gain business experience during the school day.  The students may also work on Monday's or after school hours.  
The students study Marketing and business practices during 6th hour each day as a class, then leave for work at 2:15 each day.

"Our Supervised Marketing Experience program, or Cooperative Education, has been very well received by our local community,"  Mrs. Paul said, "Thank you to BTC Bank, Poppa's Family Restaurant, and the City of Albany and the Carnegie Library for all of their support of our students."

Three more students have joined the class second semester.  Hailey Sterkis, Quincy Stamper and Brayden Dillivan are all starting SME this semester.  

"I really look forward to this semester," said Mrs. Paul, "The students learn life-long skills they can apply to any job they may have in the future."

Delaney Shields, a senior and president of NHS this year, told the Rotarians about the upcoming Blood Drive NHS is sponsoring on Jan. 20th at the Community Center.  It will be held from 11:30 a.m. until 5:30 p.m.   Appointments may be made online at, enter Group Code:  CBGB.