6th Grade students collaborating

At the end of first semester, the sixth graders were fortunate enough to visit Mosaic Life Care Foundation in St. Joseph. There, they participated in Circuit One of their Civic Engagement Immersion program. 

The students were faced with the following problems:

Cyberbullying:  Technology continues to advance rapidly. Texting, instant messaging, tweeting and all forms of social media are now the way many stay in touch with friends, family, and work. However, it has also created a new wave of bullying. Students were challenged to lessen the impact and increase awareness of this issue.

Digital Footprint: Many youth are not aware of how much the decisions they make digitally today can impact their future. This challenge increases the awareness of our digital footprint and challenges students to find ways to protect themselves and others.

With the help of facilitators, the students researched their problem, collaborated with their classmates, and created a presentation based on their findings. They then presented in front of a mock city council and their peers. They will return next Spring and will experience the next Circuit.